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Updated Australian Rules of Polo 2016
The Australian Polo Federation have updated the Rules of Polo to Hurlingham Polo Association 2016 field rules, which have for the first time been aligned with the rules of Argentina and the USA. In the USA & Argentina the rules language and order are slightly different in places but the meaning is intended to be the same.

2016 Rule Changes include:
Rule # 1.42 to 1.54 – Changes to Penalties, including Penalty 10 red & yellow flags.
Rule # 2.10 Documentation & DPI requirements
Rule # 2.25 – 2.40 – Club Responsibilities & Requirements, including returns.
Rule # 2.37 & 2.38 New Concussion Policy.
Annex B - # 20 - Goal Umpires - change in number & age requirement
Annex D - #1 acceptance of entries

Rules of Polo 2016

Australian Polo Federation Policies
The Australian Polo Federation is the peak body for the sport of polo in Australia, and is committed to developing polo throughout Australia and internationally for the safety and enjoyment of all.
The Rules and Policies of the Australian Polo Federation are central to meeting this committment. Members of the Australian Polo Federation are required to comply with APF rules and policies at all times.

For full details of the Australian Polo Federation's rules, policies and regulations, please select from the list below:

Risk Management Policy 2016
Discipline Policy 2011  
Anti Doping Policy 2015
Alcohol and Drugs Safety Testing Policy 2013 
Handicap Policy 2014 
International Competition Regulations
Member Protection Policy
SunSmart Policy
APF Membership Terms and Conditions
Heat Policy 2016