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XI FIP World Polo Championship - An update from Anto White

19 Sep 2017

XI FIP World Polo Championship - An update from Anto White

Dear Polo Community,

Jim and I have been at Windsor this weekend continuing the registration process. The grading process is now well under way and the FIP Horse Master Jose Laritirogyen will be joining us from Argentina this week.

A couple of announcements, firstly we are pleased to announce Pryde’s Easifeed as an Official supplier for the XI FIP World Polo Championship. The following statement from Jess Jackson, Pryde’s Easifeed Sales Manager explains more.

“To help ensure horses receive the ultimate balance nutrition to perform throughout the championship, we have designed diets around our complete performance feeds, in particular the specialised JK Polo Mix. Horses will be given the option of a muesli type sweet feed or a lesser energised pellet; and these decisions will be made in conjunction with the horse lenders prior to the event. We can not stress enough that the health and well being of the horses is paramount to us; and we strongly recommend that you begin to familiarise your horses with the products available at the event. To facilitate this, Pryde’s are working with the horse lenders closest large-scale produce store, to ensure that they receive the best rate possible for pre-tournament feeding. Pryde’s will also have staff on hand throughout the event and will be in touch with all horse lenders over the coming weeks. This is a very exciting time for the Australian Polo industry and we are thrilled to be a part of it.’’

Secondly, thanks to Leader Products. Shortly we will be sending out identification tags for all your horses tack and equipment, along with accreditation and WPC tickets.

With horses playing the half chukka in the tournament, if anyone feels that they can spare a saddle or two for the fortnight, it would be most appreciated.

The second Hendra vaccination has been done in QLD and so a big thanks to David O’Hearn, John Barnwell, Matt Ball and Al Simson. With horses from QLD and Victoria moving to the Basin next week, the road to Sydney is now well underway.

Again, thank you for the offers of support and help, and for getting behind the WPC in such a big way.

If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to call me on (02) 65461156 or email Additionally, Fiona Turney is on hand to assist and can be contacted on 0477 775 592 or



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