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20 Nov 2020



To help achieve ‘social distancing’ and eliminate ‘face to face contact’ and risk of transmission between players, the following rules will continue to apply until further notice.


CHANGING ENDS. Teams will only change ends at the end of each chukka.


DURATION OF CHUKKAS. Except for the last chukka all chukkas shall be played to the 2nd bell unless a goal is scored after the first bell which will signal the end of that chukka. If a whistle is blown for a penalty during the last 5 seconds, 5 seconds shall be allowed for the execution of any penalty. If ‘no foul’ is agreed, then play shall continue only for the time remaining when the whistle was blown. The last chukka will end on the first bell if a team is winning. If teams are tied, play will continue until a goal is scored or the second bell and the 5 second rule as above shall apply.


START OF PLAY. The team that wins the toss may choose which way to play or to start the game with a hit from the centre of their own 60 yard line as per a knock in. All chukkas will start this way with teams taking alternate hits having changed ends.


RESTART AFTER A GOAL. Play will restart with a hit in by the defending team. The clock will not stop and the umpire rather than the goal judge will place the ball after 20 seconds on the 60 yard line opposite the centre of the goal. He will then call play and the player must play the ball within 5 seconds without re-placing it. The opposition must be 30 yards from the 60 yard line. A player shall be onside if he enters the field of play beyond the 60 yard line where the restart is being taken or is put onside by one of his own players.


RESTART EXTRA TIME - COVID VARIANCE RULE. It has been agreed that a restart for extra time should be a Covid throw in from the centre, teams having changed ends as per the Covid variance rules. The umpire should throw the ball in from the centre towards the boards with his right shoulder facing the point from where the "restart" would have been for that specific extra time chukker.


RESTART OF PLAY TO REDUCE LINE-UPS. If play is stopped and the normal result would have been a line up for a throw in, the umpires will now restart play as follows:

  • If a player had clear possession of the ball and was not being clearly challenged by an opponent when play was stopped a “Fair Play Dropped Ball” will be called. The opposition must be 30 yards away when the umpire drops the ball where it was when the whistle was blown. The ball is in play when it hits the ground.  If the ball was within the 60, the Umpire will award a "fair drop" on the 60 yard line in line with where the ball was when the whistle was blown.
  • If neither team were in clear possession of the ball when play was stopped, the umpires shall throw the ball in towards the boards from where the ball was when the whistle was blown with all players separated by at least 2 meters.
  • If the team taking a free hit or penalty fails to carry out the correct procedure, the team facing the hit shall be awarded a Penalty 5a from the spot where the hit or penalty was due to be taken. In the case of a delayed knock in, it shall be from the 60 yard line opposite the knock in.

BALL OUT OF PLAY. No player may make any contact with another player until the umpire calls ‘play’. A player may not use his whip until the ball is in play. The ball is not in play until it is hit or hit at.


FACE COVERINGS.Face coverings need not be worn by players on the field of play but shouting by a player without a face covering which covers his mouth when in close proximity to another player will be penalised with a Penalty 5a, hit from the spot.


INJURY TREATMENT Injuries during play should still be treated as player wellbeing is utmost. After contact with an injured participant, clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol hand sanitiser at the earliest opportunity. This advice is applicable to all situations, regardless of whether there was close contact or the minimum social distancing was maintained. Avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose. Face coverings are also advisable when undertaking treatment.

Physios or their equivalent, should keep a record of each participant they have come into contact with for track and trace purposes.




EQUIPMENT. All umpires should bring their own Face Covering, Gloves and Sanitising product and use their own equipment (Hat, Whistle and Cards). If this is not possible any equipment supplied must be disinfected (with a suitable COVID 19 product) by the Club before and after re-use


BALLS. All balls must be disinfected (with a suitable COVID19 product) before and during any polo session which involves either training Marshalls and/or Goal judges. The recommended procedure should be 3 points of collection, from 3 nominated officials (which may be a goal judge) placed in a central position and behind the goals at either end. Balls should be kept in disinfection tubs at these collection points to ensure the safety of all officials.



  1. Clubs. Clubs should appoint a "C-19 Club Official" to coordinate club responsibilities for the variousmandatorymeasures as set out below. The ability to ‘track and trace’ is an important condition for the opening up of sport. Additional Daily Liaison Officers (or Covid Marshalls) should be appointed as required to carry out duties on site on their behalf:
  2. Hygiene:
  • Source/supply appropriate hygiene and cleaning equipment.
  • Display and communicate hygiene protocols.
  • Position cleaning material at necessary sanitisation stations.
  • Provide clear communications and signage for all stations and areas
  • Regularly disinfect high risk areas and contact zones including pony lines.
  1. Logs and Temperature Checks:
  • Log declarations and liability waivers for all attendees.
  • Collect contact details of players in case of a serious injury.
  • Log all attendees with when and where so that tracking is readily available in the event of someone having the virus. The log must be detailed enough to allow NHS Test and Trace to contact all participants if a player or attendee becomes ill with Covid-19. The log must be retained for 90 days. Further developments to follow in due course.
  • Check for signs of C-19 which must include a recorded temperature check for all attendees.

No entry for attendees with a temperature 37.8 or above or showing S&S of C-19. They should be sent home and told to follow procedure.

  • There needs to be room for them to turn around and leave.
  • If an attendee develops a temperature or S & S of Covid-19 having been admitted, clubs must have a well signed isolation area.
  1. Social Distancing.
  • Have a vehicle separation and parking policy to ensure social distancing measures can be met.
  • Ensure 2m social distancing can be maintained. Where social distancing measures cannot be applied, either restrict the use of those areas or require persons to wear a face covering.
  • Grooms must wear face coverings when in the pony lines or when helping a player to dismount, mount or change ponies and players must have a face covering readily available around the neck in case they find themselves in close proximity to another person.
  • Space training by time and location so that there is time for pony lines etc. to be cleaned between sessions and so that contact between individuals is reduced as far as possible.
  • Apply and enforce at all times for warming up, team photos, prizegiving; no handshakes at beginning or end of games etc.
  • Allow time for safe entry, unboxing, boxing and exit of traffic/players/grooms without impacting on local traffic.
  • Limit the time before or after a game so that players are less likely to congregate.


  1. Social Members and Spectators. Social members and spectators are not permitted until Government guidelines change.
  2. Facilities. Use of changing rooms and showers must follow government advice on the use of indoor facilities. Players should, if possible, change in and out of polo kit at home and avoid showering at the club.
  3. Toilets. If loos are required due to the length of time that polo is being played or the numbers attending, then government guidance on toilets should be followed. This includes:
    • Clear signage to encourage good handwashing technique and to maintain social distancing.
    • Consider making hand sanitiser available on entry to toilets where safe and practical and ensure suitable handwashing facilities including running water and liquid soap and suitable options for drying (either paper towels or hand driers) are available.
    • Social distancing must be possible and maintained,
    • Frequency of cleaning must be in line with usage.
    • Facilities should be kept well ventilated, for example by fixing doors open and opening windows where appropriate.
    • Putting up a visible cleaning schedule.
    • More frequent rubbish collection.


  1. Clubhouses. Clubs may use clubhouses and hospitality facilities in linewith government guidance on hospitality settings.


  1. Additional Points
  • Club risk assessment should cover each access point and ground.
  • Photographers may attend, with all subject to a written agreement with the club to ensure that they do not bring the game into disrepute. Clubs may restrict them to one per team and one for the club.
  • Clubs should be flexible in the supply of water in the lines if it is required due to the hot weather or some teams being unable to bring sufficient water. Water stations must be regularly sanitised.

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