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Autumn Polo League 2024

15 Apr 2024

Run by Eynesbury Polo Club for 4 weeks starting the first week in May. 

The idea is to play 2/3 times a week at different venues with social events after Polo. Preference is outdoor, but indoor if too wet. 

The focus is to bring new people into the game, instructional chukkas for beginners and develop green horses. 

1. Everyone interested will be added to the EPC Autumn League WhatsApp chat. Everyone is welcome to join anytime.

2. All players need to be signed up as VPA members. There will be an off season membership offered for those who aren’t already members. 

3. Venues and days for the week ahead will be organised the Monday of that week. We will try to be as accommodating as possible but weather and field availability will play a role in scheduling. 

4. First year players, handicap 2 and above will have free chukkas fees, $15 a chukkas for all others who play. Games will be generally 4 chukkas 

5. Limited number of ponies are available to hire.  So try and organise yourself or PM if you have issues finding suitable ponies. 

6. private/group lessons will be offered before chukka times so put request on chat or PM me.

6. At least once a week we will organise a social event after polo. Asado, lunch, dinner… 

7. All members need to reach out to friends,  family, work colleagues, friends of friends….. with the aim to get new people to try polo. 

Everyone is welcome but the primary purpose of this league is to introduce new people into the game and develop green horses. 

PM  0499 232 323 to be added to the group or with any further questions.

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